Car Sharing

Sat in traffic with the same people every day? Have you considered sharing your journey? Car sharing or lift sharing is a great way to share and reduce the costs of owning a car. There are so many benefits: Save money on fuel costs, save money on the cost of wear and tear on your car, save time looking for a parking space, and benefit the environment by reducing your carbon footprint!

It is helpful to know that:

  • You don’t need to own a car to car share
  • It isn’t necessary that you work at the same place as your car sharer
  • You don’t have to car share every day
  • Most workplaces will offer a guaranteed ride home in case of emergencies

You can car share on your commute to work, the school run, or even a regular shopping trip. There are a number of options available to you for finding journey matches! Alternatively you can register online with LiftShare and search for ‘Hans Carshare’ to find the Hampshire Car Share database where you can search and request journey matches.

Here are some tips and advice to help you ensure your personal safety:

  • Your details are confidential and not shared with other registered people
  • You can agree a convenient pick up point, such as an open and public place
  • Take your ID badge for the first meeting
  • Find out the details of what car to expect (colour, model, number plate)
  • It is possible to only share with the same gender, just indicate this in your search criteria


Taxi Services

Taxi services are a great complement to travelling by bus, rail, walking and cycling.  Taxis can transfer you to/from the rail or bus station or get you home with your shopping after walking or cycling to the shops.  The following taxi firms are located in Farnborough:

  • Rushmoor: 01252 333555
  • Dinez Taxis: 01252 651669
  • Apex: 01252 333999

If travelling by train, for your journey destination can be used to find out the phone numbers of taxis serving most stations in England.